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Panty Guide

Use this guide to discover how we categorize our different panties. Here you’ll see back shots of our most popular styles. Below we go into more details about each panty style.

The thong is a traditional thong style. There are two major variations of a thong. One variation is a “g-string” commonly associated with the super narrow hip and ‘between the cheeks’ string. Often measuring as little as 0.5cm in width. The other newly more common type of thong is called a “Tanga”. This is a wider at the hip, wider at the top yoke or “y” of the back of the thong. It can also be considered the ‘ultimate cheeky’.

The next common style is the hipster. Usually associated with a ‘cheeky’ cut. The bottoms of the ‘cheeks’ typically spill out on this cut. While the ‘waist’ of the panty sits right on theĀ greatest part of your hips. When measuring your size for hipsters – it’s important to take your hip measurement right at the place where the edge of the panty will hit. This measurement will often be similar to ‘the muffin top measurement’ but typically smaller than the hip measurement at their fullest point.

A classical underwear cut. You have a few variations here. You have the string bikini look, that looks just as it sounds, strings on the sides (0.5cm strap widths) with an inverted triangle cut across the bum. This day in age the bikini often sits at the waist, but a more classical cut would place them at a mid-rise point on the hips, a few inches below the belly button.

This is really a girly version of a boxershort (but of course waaaay sexier). Laying flat boyshorts really take on the shape of a rectangle. They have good coverage of the cheek area, but a skinny boyshort would fit more like a cheeky hipster in the lower half.

The ultimate classic cut. These are typically higher waisted (though in current times they do seem to cut them a little lower). The have a thicker waist band and higher cuts on the leg openings which allows for more stomach coverage as well as moderate to good coverage of the bum.

Now of course there are exceptions to every rule. Check out customer reviews, model shots, and of course the flat images to make the best style choice for you. We encourage customers to try out various cuts/styles from our clearance section to really figure out what style they like best.

And of course, sizing can be a little hit/miss with undies. Whenever buying undies online – reference the model measurements and make sure to take your measurements at the “waist” of the panty (wherever that would fall). Keeping in mind a brief will hit higher on the waist than a hipster which is going to hit pretty low.

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